Medical Statistics

The research of the section Medical Statistics focuses on the development, interpretation, evaluation and implementation of advanced statistical methods and data management for (bio)medical research. The section participates in clinical research projects from both within the LUMC, as well as projects from other institutes. Research topics relate to practical problems encountered in research projects of medical researchers from the LUMC.

PhD students, post-docs and staff members work on statistical problems that include survival analysis, multi-state models, longitudinal data analysis, prediction modelling, bioinformatics, statistics for genetics, Bayesian inference, quality indicators, causal modelling and web-based data management.

Staff members cooperate with many departments of the LUMC on study design, data analysis, and interpretation. We provide critical review and contribute to publication of results in the international peer-reviewed literature. We participate in (inter)national multi-centre projects and collaborate with other leading research groups in biostatistics.

Key research activities

Key research activities relate to the following themes:

  • Survival analysis (Prof Hein Putter, Prof Jacco Wallinga Prof Fiocco, Dr Nan van Geloven, Dr Liesbeth de Wreede)
  • High-dimensional data analysis (Prof Jelle Goeman, Dr Roula Tsonaka, Dr Mar Rodriguez, Dr Bart Mertens, Dr Stefan Böhringer, Dr Szymon Kielbasa)
  • Causal models (Prof Saskia le Cessie)
  • Advanced statistical modeling (Dr Erik van Zwet)
  • Prediction modelling (Prof Ewout Steyerberg, Dr Ben Van Calster)
  • Data management (Dr Karin van der Pal)