Data Analytics

The Data Analytics research facility consists of a collaboration between several research groups at the LUMC. We develop novel quantitative and computational methodologies for biomedical and clinical research. We also offer methodological support in data analytics for researchers at the LUMC.

Data Analytics combines all knowledge and expertise on methods for data analysis within the LUMC. We encourage collaborations amongst research groups primarily involved with methodological research. Our aim is to make methods for data analysis more accessible and visible to medical and biomedical researchers through activities that connect researchers with different expertise. We organize a yearly call for small-scale research projects with innovative data analytics methods and new collaborations. We also organize multiple workshops during the year that cover a variety of methodological topics. In this way, we help accelerate the development and implementation of novel data analytical methods.

New collaborations

Participating research groups are open to new collaborations. As the Data Analytics Research Facility, we stimulate multidisciplinary research collaborations within the LUMC by connecting methodological experts with (bio)medical researchers in need of advanced quantitative and computational data analytics.


Contact us if you are interested in data analytics, wish to receive updates concerning our activities, or want to explore new collaboration options: