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Gravitation Grant

With the Gravitation programme, the Dutch Government encourages excellent research in the Netherlands. The programme is for scientific consortia that have the potential to rank among the world's best in their field.

A consortium is a collaboration between the best researchers in the Netherlands in a discipline or in several disciplines. The intended scientific research programme is innovative, makes a substantial contribution at the highest global level, and has the potential to realise international breakthroughs. The programme makes a contribution to the realisation of the Dutch National Research Agenda. Furthermore, the consortia make a substantial contribution to the training of talented researchers.

The Gravitation programme started in 2012 and runs until 2026.
For the 2012, 2013 and 2016 funding rounds, budgets of 167, 153, and 113 million euros were available respectively, for obligations of up to ten years' duration.

(Source: NWO website)

NWO Gravitation Grant - 2017
NWO Gravitation Grant - 2013