Innovative Research Incentives Scheme


Vidi is aimed at researchers who have already conducted several years of research following their PhD (within 8 years, by submission deadline). They have demonstrated their ability to generate innovative ideas and to successfully and independently develop these. They may develop their own innovative line of research and may appoint scientific staff on the Vidi grant.
The maximum grant amount is 800,000 euros.
A researcher may apply for a Vidi grant on a maximum of 2 occasions.

(Source: NWO website)

NWO VIDI – 2016 Saskia Lesnik Oberstein
NWO VIDI – 2016 Marieke Wermer
NWO VIDI – 2015 Hermien Kan
NWO VIDI – 2015 Martijn Luijsterburg
NWO VIDI – 2015 Arjan te Pas
NWO VIDI – 2014 Richard Davis
NWO VIDI – 2014 Jelle Goeman
NWO VIDI – 2014 Joris Rotmans
NWO VIDI – 2013 Daniël Pijnappels
NWO VIDI – 2013 Hermelijn Smits
NWO VIDI – 2013 Wiep Klaas Smits
NWO VIDI – 2013 Louise van der Weerd
NWO VIDI – 2012 Luis J. Cruz Ricondo
NWO VIDI – 2011 Annette van der Helm – van Mil
NWO VIDI – 2011 Leendert Trouw
NWO VIDI – 2010 Magnus Palmblad
NWO VIDI – 2010 Gisela Terwindt
NWO VIDI – 2010 Fijs van Leeuwen
NWO VIDI Archive