Talent Scheme


Vici is aimed at senior researchers (within 15 years following their PhD defence, by submission deadline) who have successfully demonstrated their ability to develop their own innovative line of research. Researchers who receive a Vici grant may form their own research group, and may appoint scientific staff on the Vici grant.
The application process takes place in two steps: first a pre-proposal is submitted and assessed by one of the 5 assessment committees, which then makes a recommendation on whether or not to submit a full proposal.
The maximum grant amount is 1.5 million euros.
A researcher may apply for a Vici grant on a maximum of 3 occasions.

(Source: NWO website)

NWO VICI – 2021 Martijn Luijsterburg
NWO VICI – 2018 Haico van Attikum
NWO VICI – 2018 Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes
NWO VICI – 2017 Fijs van Leeuwen
NWO VICI – 2016 Judith Bovée
NWO VICI – 2016 Alfred Vertegaal
NWO VICI – 2015 Ingrid Meulenbelt
NWO VICI – 2015 Matthias (Thijs) van Osch
NWO VICI – 2012 Serge Rombouts
NWO VICI Archive