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Spinoza Prize

The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest award in Dutch science. Each year, NWO awards the Spinoza Prizes to three or four top internationally renowned researchers working in the Netherlands.

The Spinoza laureates perform outstanding and ground breaking research, which has a large impact. They are an inspiration for young researchers. The NWO Spinoza Prize is a mark of honour for the laureate’s achievements in their scientific career and a stimulus for further research. The prize consists of 2.5 million euros and a bronze statue of Spinoza

The Spinoza Prize was established in 1995. The prize is named after Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), who was an internationally renowned Dutch scientist and a clear example of freedom in research. NWO created the prize to increase the visibility of excellent scientists and to encourage top research in the Netherlands.

Nomination can only take place at the invitation of NWO. Candidates themselves are not allowed to submit an application.

(Source: NWO website)

NWO Spinoza Prize – 2009 Michel Ferrari
NWO Spinoza Prize – 2002 Frits Rosendaal
NWO Spinoza Prize – 2002 Els Goulmy
NWO Spinoza Prize – 2020 Sjaak Neefjes