LUMC Fellowship and Gisela Thier Fellowship

LUMC Fellowship

The Leiden University Medical Center provides talented scientists an opportunity to the LUMC Fellowship. The purpose of this Fellowship is to enable scientists to become one of the trendsetters of the LUMC research portfolio. An excellent stepping stone for your academic career. The LUMC Fellowship offers the opportunity to initiate a long-term line of research in your field, if your research coinsides with one of the LUMC research themes. For this Fellowship you can be nominated by a LUMC departmental head and you will be appointed in a department of the LUMC.  

Laureate 2020

The LUMC Fellowship 2020 is awarded to Dr Elena Dominguez Vega (Dept. Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics). The Selection Committee believes Dr Dominguez Vega is a highly knowledgeable and skilled researcher. The techniques that Dr Dominguez Vega develops and employs are state-of-the-art and available to the entire LUMC. With this she facilitates the necessary connection between basic research and patient care. The research project she will be carrying out is: "Diversity of antibody proteoforms under pathological conditions and their immunological implications".

Your nomination

The first step in applying is to contact the head of department or leader of a Medical Research Profile who will formally nominate you to the jury. Together you will write a substantive research proposal, for this a fixed format is available.

Together with the department you also set performance targets. These performance agreements contain the success parameters. For instance acquiring grants, new scientific concepts, publications and supervising PhD students. Based on the documents submitted, the fellowship committee will advise the LUMC Executive Board on remuneration.

Your profile

You obtained your PhD more than five years previously, calculated from the date on which the PhD degree was awarded until the deadline for the call. You are among the top (top 10-20%) of your field and you are preferably not employed in the LUMC.

We offer

To cover staffing and other costs the budget is maximum € 200 000, - per year, linked to your appointment, up to 4 years.


The following researchers have been awarded an LUMC Fellowship:
  • 2010: Dr Else Tolner (Dept. Neurology)
  • 2010: Dr Vanessa van Harmelen (Dept. Human Genetics)
  • 2011: Dr Fina Kurreeman (Dept. Rheumatology)
  • 2013: Dr Lucia Clemens-Daxinger (Dept. Human Genetics)
  • 2016: Dr Rolf Groenwold (Dept. Clinical Epidemiology)
  • 2017:Dr Meindert Lamers (Dept. Cell & Chemical Biology)
  • 2018: Dr Bart Everts (Dept. Parasitology)
  • 2019: Dr Annemarthe van der Veen (Dept. Immunology)
  • 2020: Dr Elena Dominguez Vega (Dept. Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics)

LUMC Gisela Thier Fellowship

The objective of the LUMC Gisela Thier Fellowship is to offer talented, recently graduated LUMC researchers who are at the start of their career the opportunity to conduct research at the LUMC for four years and gain experience as a project leader. To cover staffing and other costs the budget is maximum € 100 000, - per year, linked to the appointment, up to 4 years.

Laureate 2020

The LUMC Gisela Thier Fellowship 2020 is awarded to Dr Simon Jochems (Dept. Parasitology). The Selection Committee believes that Dr Jochems is a highly competent and promising researcher and regards Dr Jochems as an asset to the LUMC. The research project he will be carrying out is: "Identifying mechanisms and molecules driving loss of nasal T cells in older adults".


  • 2008: Dr Luca Ferrarini (Dept. LKEB)
  • 2009: Dr Valeria Orlova (Dept. Anatomy)
  • 2010: Dr Wiep Klaas Smits (Dept. Medical Microbiology)
  • 2011: Dr Ramon Arens (Dept. Immunology)
  • 2012: Dr Gijs Santen (Dept. Clinical Genetics)
  • 2013: Dr Camiel Boon (Dept. Ophthalmology)
  • 2014: Dr Meta Roestenberg (Dept. Parasitology)
  • 2015: Dr Laila Ritsma (Dept. CCB)
  • 2016: Dr Diana van der Woude (Dept. Rheumatology)
  • 2017: Dr Baoxu Pang (Dept. CCB)
  • 2018: Dr Roel Bijkerk (Dept. IM-Nephrology)
  • 2019: Dr Tetje van der Sluijs (Dept. Immunology)
  • 2020: Dr Simon Jochems (Dept. Parasitology)

More information     

For questions or more information, please contact Mrs K.Y. Bergman, Directorate of Research Policy, e-mail