Grants and Support

ERC Grants

ERC grantees at LUMC

The European Research Council (ERC) provides attractive, long-term funding to support excellent investigators to pursue ground-breaking, high-gain/ high-risk research. Research funded by the ERC is expected to lead to advances at the frontiers of knowledge and to set a clear and inspirational target for frontier research across Europe. The ERC was launched in 2007 and is currently part of Horizon2020, the EU programme for Research and Innovation.

LUMC is delighted to be/have been Host Institution of 32 ERC projects in total (9 Advanced grants, 7 Consolidator grants, 12 Starting grants and 4 Proof of Concept grants). Please note that two ERC Starting Grants have been transferred to LUMC during the project and one ongoing ERC Starting Grant has been transferred from LUMC to another Host Institution (marked with * below). In addition, the eligibility window of the ERC Starting Grants until 2012 was up to 12 years post-PhD (the ERC Consolidator Grant scheme was launched in 2013).

The ERC-granted Principal Investigators are listed below, including more information about their projects.

ERC Advanced Grant - 2021 Maria Yazdanbakhsh
ERC Advanced Grant - 2020  Andrew Webb
ERC Advanced Grant - 2019 René Toes
ERC Advanced Grant - 2018 Joke Meijer
ERC Advanced Grant - 2015  Jacques van Dongen
ERC Advanced Grant - 2015  Sjaak Neefjes
ERC Advanced Grant - 2014  Andrew Webb
ERC Advanced Grant - 2012  Christine Mummery
ERC Advanced Grant - 2012  Cock van de Velde
ERC Consolidator Grant – 2021 Martijn Luijsterburg 
ERC Consolidator Grant – 2021 Daniel Pijnappels
ERC Consolidator Grant – 2020 Milena Bellin
ERC Consolidator Grant – 2017 Jenny van der Steen
ERC Consolidator Grant - 2016  Susana Chuva de Sousa Lopes
ERC Consolidator Grant - 2016  Leendert Trouw
ERC Consolidator Grant - 2013  Haico van Attikum
ERC Starting Grant - 2021 Anna Alemany
ERC Starting Grant - 2020 Baoxu Pang
ERC Starting Grant - 2019 Noel de Miranda
ERC Starting Grant - 2017  Thom Sharp
ERC Starting Grant - 2016  Annette van der Helm-van Mil
ERC Starting Grant - 2016  Daniel Pijnappels
ERC Starting Grant - 2014  Richard Davis
ERC Starting Grant - 2012  Fijs van Leeuwen
ERC Starting Grant - 2012  Alfred Vertegaal
ERC Starting Grant - 2011  Huib Ovaa *
ERC Starting Grant - 2009  Gijs van den Brink *
ERC Starting Grant - 2007  Marcel Tijsterman *
ERC Proof of Concept Grant - 2019  Christine Mummery
ERC Proof of Concept Grant - 2018  Cock van de Velde
ERC Proof of Concept Grant - 2017  Fijs van Leeuwen
ERC Proof of Concept Grant - 2015  Fijs van Leeuwen