Grants and Support

The LUMC aims to maximize the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and translating findings to the clinic and society in order to contribute to better prevention, improved health outcomes and economic prosperity.

The LUMC has a research budget of 148 million Euros. About 63 million euros were achieved in competition from public funding organizations and charities. An amount of 14 million euros was commissioned by or in collaboration with industry (numbers based on the annual report 2012).     

Support to researchers

The LUMC offers a wide range of support to researchers and advices external parties seeking partnership, for instance giving an overview of funding opportunities, information sessions and special trajectories

We have a wealth of information at LUMC to help researchers and research support staff to find funding, assist with the application process and manage awards. 

  • Information and advice on funding opportunities is given by the Directorate of Research Policy.
  • Funding opportunities: the internal LUMC Grants Newsletter gives an overview. 
  • Financial advice on grant applications is given by the Projectenbureau.
  • To become active in networks increases your opportunities for research collaborations and funding. The LUMC is active in several networks.

Research Fellowships, awards and prizes 

As an element of its talent policy, the LUMC offers fellowships, awards and prizes to its talented researchers.

Open to internal and external candidates:

  • LUMC Fellowship
    The LUMC Fellowship is open to talented researchers. The purpose of this fellowship is to enable scientists to become one of the trendsetters of the LUMC research profile. Talented researchers should have obtained their PhD more than five years previously and be among the top 10-20% of their field. Candidates come preferrably from outside the LUMC. You have to be nominated by a head of department for this fellowship to ensure good embedding within the applying Medical Research Profile. This means the LUMC Fellowship is subject to an internal procedure.
  • LUMC Gisela Thier Fellowship
    This fellowship is to attract talented researchers at the start of their career. Candidates can come from outside or inside the LUMC. You have to be nominated by a head of department for this fellowship to ensure good embedding within the applying Medical Research Profile. This means the LUMC Gisela Thier Fellowship is subject to an internal procedure.
Open to internal candidates:
  • LUMC Research Fellowship
  • LUMC Research Award Marie Parijs Prize
  • LUMC Research Award C.J. Kok Prize
  • LUMC Best Thesis Prize
  • LUMC Best Article Prize
  • LUMC Best Poster Prize
  • LUMC Johanna Zaaijer Fund

Knowledge exchange, Intellectual Property, commercialization and starting a company

To contribute to a sustainable health and health care the LUMC aims to bring new findings to use in the clinic, in the market and in society. The LUMC policy and our Knowledge Exchange Office Luris support this.

Luris can also give you advice on company formation and the funding opportunities for starting your own company.

Networking with other researchers

LUMC has its research organized in its Research Themes and Departmental Programmes. This matrix facilitates multidisciplinary research within LUMC and LUMC's research focus. 

Specific for PhD researchers LUMC has the LAP network, e-mail          

Postdocs, senior researchers, assistant professors and associated professors can meet via the LUMC’s Young Faculty Network, that facilitates interactions by organizing discussions, lectures and events specific for this group. 

LUMC has its own women’s network called Vitaal, e-mail

Working with the media

For all press and media questions you can contact the Directorate of Communication.