LUMC Flow cytometry Core Facility (FCF)

Services & Courses


At the LUMC, the FCF plays a central role in research and diagnostics, aiming to provide:

  • Access to flow cytometry, mass cytometry and cell sorting instruments, all housed within one facility;
  • High-quality, reliable support for cell analysis and (mass) cytometric experiments;
  • Education and training in using the FCF’s wide range of instruments and tools;
  • Testing and acquisition of state-of-the-art instruments; and
  • Leading expertise and service that is both cost and time-effective.

Courses and education at the FCF

The FCF offers a range of courses in flow cytometry and mass cytometry for both starters and advanced users. In the obligatory starter’s course, users are introduced to the fundamental principles of flow cytometry and instructed how to use the various instruments in order to obtain reliable data. In the advanced courses, users gain additional experience and insights into a variety of topics, including spectral flow cytometry, antibody panel design, cell sorting, mass cytometry, and the related methods available for analyzing the results.

For LUMC employees, the courses and trainings are free-of-charge. External users will pay a market-conform price, while users from other universities or formal university collaborations can join the courses and trainings at a reduced fee. For more information, please contact 

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