Flow Cytometry Core Facility

As one of the world’s largest flow cytometry facilities, the state-of-the-art Flow cytometry Core Facility (FCF) at the LUMC plays a key role in research and diagnostics by providing centralized access to instruments, services, leading expertise, as well as education and training to a broad range of users.

The LUMC FCF was established in 2016 due to the high importance of centralizing knowledge and experience, as well as enabling access to flow cytometry in both research and clinical diagnostics. Since the very beginning, priority was given to the obtention of high-quality results through operator and user training. This approach rapidly led to an expanding state-of-the-art core facility over the years with advanced instruments available, including mass cytometers, spectral flow cytometers and cell sorters. Now, the FCF serves over 800 registered users with more than 24 instruments, making it one of the largest flow cytometry core facilities in Europe and one of the top 10 facilities in the world. In its distinguished position, the FCF currently provides on-site and cost-effective expertise far beyond what any individual laboratory can offer, supports a steady flow of diagnostic and research data and is contributing to an ever-growing number of scientific publications.

The FCF’s mission

The FCF provides flow cytometry, mass cytometry and cell sorting to a wide range of users as well as education and service, thereby supporting its users’ research and clinical needs to generate high-quality data. The team of operators is comprised of highly specialized professionals with diverse backgrounds. The FCF operators continuously maintain, monitor, and (when necessary) replace and/or update the FCF instruments.


Please contact the FCF if you have any questions using our Core Facility or would like to schedule a consultancy meeting.

Tel: (+31) 71 526 3393
Buzzer: (+31) 71 529 6767