LUMC Flow cytometry Core Facility (FCF)

Booking and Prices

Booking and Prices

To book and use our instruments you have to create a user account in PPMS.

Our PPMS booking system offers several key advantages to both the FCF team and the users, including:

  • A user-friendly interface for booking time on the instruments;
  • A register for user training;
  • The ability to organize and process the facility’s stock inventories;
  • The ability to monitor instrument and stock use (e.g., by whom, in which research group, and for which project);
  • As means to log performance of the instruments using standardized beads (e.g. CS&T and rainbow bead acquisition)
  • Publication tracking;
  • Real-time management of reporting and billing by project;
  • A means to log problems, record downtime history, and report maintenance;
  • A means to make flow cytometer configuration, SOPs and other documents available to users.




Hourly rate* 

Flowcytometers (- UV)

€ 11,00

Flowcytometers (+ UV)

€ 12,00

Cell sorters (assisted)

€ 35,00

Cell sorters (non-assisted)

€ 18,00


€ 50,00


€ 40,00

*External fees can be requested via email: