LUMC Flow cytometry Core Facility (FCF)

About us

LUMC Flow cytometry Core Facility

Back in 2012, the possibility of establishing a “technology focus area (TFA)” was first discussed, in which all available flow cytometry instruments from the various departments at LUMC would be moved to a central facility in order to provide users with consistent support and increased continuity. This initiative led to the initiation of the FCF at the end of 2016, continuing a 20-year trend in academic institutions of housing instruments and staff in a core facility that offers on-site, cost-effective expertise far beyond what any individual laboratory or group can offer (see: S. Ravidran, Nature 2020; 588:358-360).

The FCF’s mission

The FCF provides flow cytometry, mass cytometry and cell sorting to a wide range of users as well as education and service, thereby supporting its users’ research and clinical needs to generate high-quality data. The team of operators is comprised of highly specialized professionals with diverse backgrounds. The FCF operators continuously maintain, monitor, and (when necessary) replace and/or update the FCF instruments.

FCF Operator Team

            Koen Schepers

            Marjolijn Hameetman 

            Simone van de Pas

            Deborah Lowie

            IJsbrand Reyneveld

            Joris Jansen