LUMC Flow cytometry Core Facility (FCF)

Services and booking

The LUMC Flow cytometry Core Facility (FCF) accommodates all research and diagnostic flow cytometry equipment of the LUMC. It also encompasses 3 cell sorters and 2 mass cytometers. In addition, flow cytometers are available for analyzing samples with biological hazard at ML-II and ML-III levels.

Flow cytometry enables the rapid measurement of multiple physical and biological characteristics of individual cells or particles. Over the last decades, flow cytometry has developed into a well-established technology that supports many applications in studies on the nature of individual cells within homogeneous or mixed cell populations. Ongoing developments on new lasers, fluorescent dyes, antibody reagents, digital signal generation, data acquisition, and software tools for data analysis have made flow cytometry the leading technology in research and clinical fields that study blood and immune cells, stem cells and various types of cancer. 


The FCF provides equipment and support for all aspects of flow and mass cytometry: experimental design, setup of equipment, data acquisition and data analysis. We currently serve over 500 users within the LUMC and externally (Leiden Bio Science Park, universities and others).

Contact the FCF operators if you would like to learn more about working with the FCF.

Agenda / booking

Equipment can be reserved via the FCF booking system PPMS.

Users can access the agenda using their personal ppms account.