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The theme Immunity covers all aspects related to immune regulation in health and disease. Immunity is omnipotent and omnipresent. Lack of immunity results in inability to tackle pathogenic challenges, while a too active immune system may lead to autoimmunity or rejection of donor organs.

Balance is key in healthy immunity in an individual. Understanding how these processes are regulated in health and disease through fundamental research may lead to better diagnostics or novel interventions for the prevention and/or control of immunity-related disorders like infectious diseases, autoimmunity, organ-rejection and cancer. Reciprocally, clinical observations may lead to fundamental research that helps in understanding underlying mechanisms. This requires strong interactions between fundamental researchers and clinical experts. The Immunity theme has the ambition to be a stimulating and facilitating research community with the ultimate ambition to resolve unmet clinical needs and improve the quality of life for patients with immunity-related disorders.

We aim to achieve this ambition by:

  • Promoting strategic clinical-preclinical connections.
  • Enhancing and facilitating communication and exchange of knowledge, resources and technology within the theme group
  • Increasing research quality, synergy and focus
  • Identifying opportunities for quality and output increase at technical and organizational level
  • Stimulating talent development and strategic recruitments
  • Increasing professional and societal outreach

About us

Prof.dr. Tom Huizinga
Prof.dr. Jannie Borst
Dr. Maartje Huijbers

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