LUMC Research themes

The LUMC aims at identifying the causes of disease, improving diagnosis, prevention, and ultimately developing effective treatments. Current science crosses traditional borders. Within LUMC different specialists work together around research themes. Combining cross-border expertise may solve biomedical problems and bring answers not found when working in a stand alone fashion.


Our Research themes 

Academic Pharma

Prof.dr. Sjaak Neefjes
Prof.dr. Teun van Gelder
Dr. Laurel Schunselaar


Prof.dr. Jan Verschuuren
Prof.dr. Arn van den Maagdenberg
Dr. Hermien Kan


Prof.dr. Hendrik Veelken
Prof.dr. Haico van Attikum
Dr. Noel de Miranda


Prof.dr. Tom Huizinga
Prof.dr. Jannie Borst
Dr. Maartje Huijbers

Cell Tissue & Organ (Tx)

Prof.dr. Christine Mummery
Prof.dr. Ian Alwayn
Dr. Françoise Carlotti


Prof.dr. Paul Quax
Prof.dr. Wouter Jukema
Dr. Erik Klok

Medical Genomics

Prof.dr. Bas Heijmans
Dr. Gijs Santen
Dr. Sylvie Noordermeer


Prof.dr. Maria Yazdanbakhsh
Prof.dr. Eric Snijder
Dr. Meta Roestenberg
Manager: dr. Sanne de Jong


Prof.dr. Eline Slagboom
Dr. Simon Mooijaart
Dr. Jeroen de Bresser

Prevention & Lifestyle

Prof.dr. Niels Chavannes
Prof.dr. Thea Vliet Vlieland
Dr. Mariëtte Boon

Leiden University Research Dossiers

Leiden University has developed Research Dossiers, most of them with a strong multidisciplinary focus. These areas offer ample opportunity for first-class fundamental research, but they are also strongly linked to key issues prevalent in modern national and international societies. The LUMC participates in six areas, in cooperation with the faculties of Science and Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Together with the faculty of Science:

Together with the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences:

Solely LUMC: