LUMC Light and Electron Microscopy Facility


The aim of this TFA is to accelerate biomedical research by providing access to advanced light and electron microscopy and by sharing expertise about sample preparation, imaging modalities, data storage and image analysis.

The microscopy facility provides the following services:

Scientific Collaborations

As a microscopy facility in a university hospital, the facility is an ideal place to connect clinical and biological research with microscopy and image analysis developments.

Within the Netherlands, there is a strong microscopy research community. The LUMC microscopy facility is part of NL-BioImaging, the Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) and the Dutch Society for Microscopy (NVvM). We are also participating as a Technology Hotel in the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) network.

Facility Work

For small projects, we can offer our services directly. Our support staff can help with preparing your sample and taking the images you need. Facility work is most effective when dedicated support from the requesting group is present during the acquisitions.

Use of Instruments

For projects that require many hours of imaging, we can provide training to users so they can work independently. For most of the light microscopy this is the typical mode of operation. After training on the microscope of choice, the user gets access to the microscope and to the booking system.

Education and Training

The microscopy facility provides a number of microscopy related lectures and courses in Leiden and Delft.

To facilitate international training opportunities, the LUMC is a Correlative Light Electron Microscopy Dutch Flagship Node within the Euro-BioImaging training network).

We regularly host an EMBO practical course on Electron Tomography in Life Science.

Intake Form

If you are interested in working with the Light and Electron Microscopy Facility, please feel free to contact us.