Light and Electron Microscopy

Training and Eduction

The Light and Electron Microscopy Facility offers several microscopy-related lectures and courses in Leiden and Delft. We offer a beginners course that covers the basics of microscopy for new users and advanced courses for frequent users.

For new users, we regularly host introductory courses covering the basics required for conducting research utilizing microscopy. These courses also enable individuals to have unsupervised access to the facility.

We briefly address the different imaging modalities and their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, we provide guidelines for proper electron microscopy sample preparation, acquisition, data storage and image analysis. Upon training completion, we will show how to book different microscopes.

To facilitate international training opportunities, the LUMC is a Correlative Light Electron Microscopy Dutch Flagship Node within the Euro-BioImaging training network.

We regularly host an EMBO practical course on Electron Tomography in Life Science.

Please contact us through the intake form. We will then schedule an intake meeting to discuss the research question and make a detailed plan for sample imaging. Our expert support staff will advise and help with sample preparation. For instance, we will image samples using scanning electron microscopy, large scale TEM imaging, immuno-gold labelling, correlative light and electron microscopy, negative staining or cryo-electron microscopy.