Centralized Biobanking Facility


The LUMC centralized Biobank facility provides the infrastructure to collect (clinical) data in combination with biomaterials of patient and controls for undefined future biomedical research studies in relation to diseases.

The centralized LUMC biobank department helps to implement rules and regulations regarding informed consent, collection, storage and distribution of biomaterials and data for biobanking. Based on uniform and certified protocols we accommodate over 30 LUMC subbiobanks in the context of CuraRata and over 18 subbiobanks in the context National 'Parelsnoer Institute Biobanks'. Please contact our department if you want to start a biobank collection for a specific disease entity or if you want to use samples from an existing biobank.

A biobank encompasses the collection of biomaterials from patients and controls with related (clinical) data. The LUMC biobank department provides advice regarding rules and regulations to researchers and clinicians. Consultation is particularly relevant regarding organization and collaboration with other institutes and/or industrial/commercial partners. 

Please contact the project manager or the head of the department if you want to start a biobank or when there are questions regarding rules, regulations and (inter)national collaborations with institutes and/or industrial/commercial partners.