Biobank Facility - Biobank Facility


The LUMC Biobank Facility provides advice regarding rules and regulations to researchers and clinicians. Information concerning both existing and newly set-up biobank collections, informed consent procedure, and material processing and storage can be requested.

The facility works in collaboration with LUMC’s Department of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and Laboratory Research Support. Human body materials are collected, processed, stored, and distributed under controlled and standardised conditions.

The LUMC biobank Facility stores and distributes human body material only after approval of an independent Review Committee, which reviews whether the collection complies with all Biobank regulations.

Among others, these regulations state what the donor must be informed about, how their privacy is guaranteed, and which permissions should be given by the donor, and for which specific purpose the samples are stored.

We also offer consultancy regarding integration of scientific research within regular care to reduce registration burden and enhance efficiency.


Biobanking within the LUMC

The LUMC Biobank Facility stores over half a million specimen of body material for nearly every department of the LUMC, encompassing almost 150 biobank collections. We store all types of body materials such blood derivatives, faeces, urine, salvia, check and nasal mucus (swabs), cerebrospinal fluid, and tissue samples (e.g. biopsies, surgical leftover material).


Starting a new biobank collection

If you consider starting a biobank collection for a specific disease and/or disease group, if a biobank collection is part of your WMO-study, or if you would like to start a multi-center biobank collection, please contact us.


Usage samples of an existing Biobank collection

External researchers may request human body material and/or data that is stored by the LUMC Biobank Facility, as part of a collaboration with a LUMC researcher. Responsibility for the human body material and/or data remains with the LUMC researcher, whereby donors’ privacy is guaranteed. Please contact the LUMC Biobank Facility when you would like to use material/data:

For further questions regarding the LUMC Biobank Facility; set-up, distribution, advice about rules and regulations or collaborations, please contact us.

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