Regenerative Medicine

Transplantation Regenerative Medicine

LUMC is a leading center for transplantation. In this subtheme, we are building on a long and successful history of bone marrow and organ transplantation and strong transplant immunology expertise.


RegMedTO researchers, in close collaboration with other themes (e.g., Immunity and Academic Pharma) are working together to achieve the following key goals: to increase organ utilization and survival after transplantation, to develop new strategies of targeted intervention in donors and recipients, and to reduce mortality and morbidity of patients on the waitlist and post-transplant. RegMedTO Theme researchers at LUMC’s Transplant Center have established robust national and international collaborations and partnerships to further these goals.

This subtheme is divided into three research lines:

  1. optimized donor organs, tissues, and cells,
  2. monitor and tailor the immune response,
  3. improve outcomes and prolong survival.

The following projects can be identified within research lines.



Sub theme lead: Ian Alwayn (