Animal Welfare Body Leiden

Team and Contact

The AWB Leiden can help answer a broad spectrum of questions concerning different research aspects of laboratory animal science. Based on the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement), we offer advice on how to draw project proposals, apply for a project licence and plan an animal experiment.

We are accessible at all times throughout an experiment to supervise or facilitate necessary amendments. In this way, AWB Leiden promotes a culture of care that is based on responsible science involving animals, resulting in minimal discomfort to all used animals and high-quality research data.

The AWB Leiden may be regarded as the initial contact point for those who have questions concerning research involving laboratory animals. We are here to discuss your research plans, connect you to the necessary expertise and offer advice on how to acquire necessary licenses. Get in touch!


  • Nelleke Verhave, Chair Animal Welfare Body and Animal Welfare Officer
  • Chih Kit Chung, Secretary and scientific advisor
  • Nadia van den Akker-Schell, employee
  • Ronald van der Sluis, Scientific Advisor

General contact


Telephone: +31 (0)71 526 9671

Visiting Address

AWB Leiden (LUMC and Universiteit Leiden)
Einthovenweg 20
2333 ZC Leiden
LUMC Building 2
Room T7-16