Acute care in neurosurgery Research Group

Part of the daily routine in neurosurgery is the treatment of emergency room admissions, and acute cases from other departments or from outside hospitals. This acute care is rarely analysed scientifically in respect of quantity and quality of care provided by neurosurgeons.


Our Research Group is focussing on clinical and cost outcome measurement and innovation specifically in neurosurgical patients who need acute care. We divide our group in three overall projects:

Our team

  • Prof. Dr. W.C. Peul, neurosurgeon/epidemiologist
  • Dr. W.A. Moojen, neurosurgeon/epidemiologist
  • Dr. G.C.W. de Ruiter, neurosurgeon
  • Dr. N.A. van der Gaag, neurosurgeon/epidemiologist
  • Dr. J.L. Groen, neurosurgeon
  • Dr. P.V. ter Wengel, neurosurgeon
  • Dr. J.T.J.M. van Dijck, neurosurgery resident
  • Drs. T.A. van Essen, neurosurgery resident