High-throughput experiments are currently mainstream in genetics research. These experiments come with complicated data analysis and interpretation issues.

The main focus of the Bioinformatics Research Group is to increase our understanding of genetic diseases by developing new methods, pipelines and workflows for analysis and integration of next generation sequencing and other high-throughput data sets, and for computer-assisted interpretation and knowledge discovery that relate genotype and phenotype.

The Bioinformatics Research Group also supports and trains biomedical scientists and biomedical students. All researchers within Human Genetics (PhD, MSc and HBO level) who perform bioinformatics-related activities (including those embedded in the biomedical research lines) form the Bioinformatics Research Group.

The Bioinformatics Research Group participates in

Our Team

Dr. Jeroen F.J. Laros
Principal Investigator / Assistant Professor

Jonathan K. Vis     
Scientific programmer

Mihai Lefter           
Software engineer

Mark A. Santcroos    
Software engineer

Redmar R. van den Berg             
Data analist