Costs versus outcomes

Medical decision making takes place in a societal context, with increasing emphasis on the relevance of costs and patient reported outcomes.

Costs can be related to outcomes at the individual and institutional level (value-based healthcare) or at the societal level (cost-effectiveness analysis). Applied analyses are performed in collaboration with many LUMC departments, either alongside clinical trials or using mathematical models to combine data from a variety of sources. Methodological research includes topics like measurement and valuation of quality of life and wellbeing, measurement of health care costs and productivity losses due to illness, and analytical techniques like disease modelling and multiple imputation.

Our Team members

  • Wilbert van den Hout, senior health economist
  • Elske van den Akker-van Marle, senior health economist
  • Esmée van der Poort, PhD student health economics and VBHC
  • Jan Heijdra Suasnabar, junior health economist