CAIRELab: artificial intelligence (AI)

At LUMC, we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can make a valuable contribution to value-driven care. On one hand, by improving the care experience for patients and staff, and on the other hand, by improving clinical outcomes. That's why we are taking steps to apply various forms of AI, from predictive models for diseases to image and speech recognition for automating repetitive tasks, to making complex steering information understandable.

As CAIRELab, we want to retain and utilize the expertise and enthusiasm around artificial intelligence to keep healthcare good, affordable, and accessible. We want to make a measurable impact with AI in both the short and long term. We actively seek innovation in the market or bring about innovations ourselves. In addition, we connect clinicians, AI experts, and researchers with each other. Beyond our own organization, we actively seek collaboration, share knowledge and experience with other hospitals in order to collectively shorten the experimentation and implementation phase.


At CAIRELab, we are always excited to connect, collaborate, and share our knowledge. Whether you are looking for an expert speaker for your event, interested in initiating a new collaboration, or simply want to learn more about our work, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us at