Symposium "Tech Crawl"

Learn more about the LUMC’s and the University’s cutting-edge technologies and visit the facilities at our disposal!

The YFN symposium, “Tech Crawl”, will take place on:

Date: 22 September 2017
Time: 14.15-17.30 hrs (drinks afterwards)
Location: LUMC Building 1, Lecture Hall 5


14:15 - Introduction to 10 technological facilities (Lecture room 5, LUMC)
15:30 - Visits to core facilities (LUMC, Gorleaus)
17:30 - Drinks (Terrace Building 2)

Site visits

We want to give our members the opportunity to get to know and visit the cutting-edge technological facilities that are at our disposal.

It will be possible to visit 3 locations among the following technological facilities:

• NeCEN (Cryo electron microscopy)  
• Cell Observatory  
• Zebrafish facilities  

• hiPSC facilities
• FACS facilities
• GenomeScan
• Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics
• Microscopic imaging and technology
• Animal facilities
• Image-Guided Surgery

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