LUMC's Young Faculty Network

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LUMC's Young Faculty Network (YFN) aims to connect clinician scientists, postdoctoral fellows, senior researchers, and assistant and associate professors within the Leiden University Medical Center. It provides a platform to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences amongst members. Furthermore, the YFN works together with the LUMC's Board of Directors and different local committees to promote the role of young scientists within the university medical center.


YFN’s mission is to maximize LUMC’s Young Faculty involvement in and impact for our organization.

We do this by connecting all members and stimulate them to share ideas. The YFN organizes courses, workshops, symposia covering topics which are relevant to our members. We regularly talk to the Board of Directors, Human Resource Management (and Learning Portal) and Directorate of Research. We send out polls and communicate the results with stakeholders. We put YFN-members in strategic positions where they can have impact for us all. Finally, we coordinate a mentoring program open for all our members.

Please see our Albinusnet intranet page for more information (only accessible for LUMC employees).


The YFN Board is currently formed by (from left to right): Marije Slingerland (ONCO), Dennis Vriens (RAD), Luuk Hawinkels (MDLZ), Laila Ritsma (CCB) and Janine van Gils (NIER).

YFN Board

Stay Connected: Albinusnet & LinkedIn

The primary platform for YFN is a dedicated Albinusnet intranet page, where interesting articles and polls are posted. You can follow this page and add this page to your favorites to have it show up at the main intranet page by clicking the appropriate buttons.

YFN encourages all LUMC employees fitting the profile to join the YFN LinkedIn group for which a LinkedIn account is required. Memberships and posts are moderated to ensure focused discussions.


The YFN was founded in 2012 by four young faculty members from the LUMC - Ramon Arens (IHB), Mettine Bos (STOL), Yaël Nossent (HLK) and Wiep Klaas Smits (MM) - with endorsement from the Dean of the LUMC, Prof. Dr. Pancras Hogendoorn. Thereafter, Noel the Miranda (PATH) and Diane van der Woude (REUM) were members of the board.


Albinusnet: YFN intranet page
LinkedIn: LUMC's YFN group on LinkedIn