Transgenic and mutant parasites

A number of transgenic P. berghei and P. yoelii lines expressing reporters such as GFP, mCherry and Luciferase and mutant parasites that are deficient in expressing specific parasite proteins are available from the Leiden Malaria Group (under MTA agreement)

For obtaining P. berghei/P. yoelli transgenic/mutant lines, we request you to fill out the 'parasite request' form
Unpublished transgenic/mutant parasite lines will usually only be provided 'on a collaborative basis'.

Additional information on transgenic and mutant lines from the Leiden group can be found in Shared DOCUMENTS (subfolder 'TRANSGENIC PARASITES available from LMRG') on our SharePoint site

The Leiden Malaria Research Group also provides a database containing information on all genetically modified rodent parasite lines: see

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