Protocols and databases (rodent malaria)

Leiden Malaria SharePoint Site

Leiden Malaria SharePoint/Teamwerk site

Protocols and databases from the Leiden Malaria Group are available on the password protected 'SharePoint' environment'

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Username and  password  for the SharePoint/Teamwerk-site can be requested by filling out the ‘request for access/password' form

The SharePoint site contains the following information:

  • 'FAQ and Discussion' where we give answers to a number of frequently asked questions relating to our P. berghei research and parasites.
  • Detailed P. berghei laboratory protocols (parasitological methods, molecular techniques, transfection technologies); laboratory protocols published in Nature Protocols; videos of laboratory protocols.
  • Transgenic P. berghei lines available from the Leiden Group.
  • Information about a number of standard plasmids used for genetic modification of P. berghei that are available from the Leiden Malaria Group.
  • Databases (Excel files with transcriptome, proteome and genome data):

The Leiden RMgmDB database

  • database of genetically modified rodent malaria parasitesThe Leiden Malaria Research Group provides a database containing information on all genetically modified rodent parasite lines: see