Morphology P. berghei: electron microscopy

Figure 1-12: transmission electronmicrographs of various blood stages of the ANKA isolate of P. berghei (from Mons, B (1996) Acta Leiden. 54, 1-124). The emphasis is on development of gametocytes. The blood stages are obtained from synchronized infections at several time points after invasion (hpi). Magnification 16.000-17.000x.

fig. 1: schizont
fig. 2: trophozoite, 18h
trophozoite, 18h
fig. 3: gametocyte, 18h
gametocyte, 18h
fig. 4: schizont, immature, 22hpi
schizont, immature, 22hpi
fig. 5: gametocyte, 22h
gametocyte, 22h
fig. 6: gametocyte, female, 24, hpi
gametocyte, female, 24, hpi
fig. 7: gametocyte, male, 24h
gametocyte, male, 24h
fig. 8: gametocyte, female, 26hpi
gametocyte, female, 26hpi
fig. 9: gametocyte, male, 26hpi
gametocyte, male, 26hpi
fig. 10: gametocyte, female, 35hpi
gametocyte, female, 35hpi
fig. 11: gametocyte, male, 35hpi
gametocyte, male, 35hpi
fig. 12: trophozoite, young
trophozoite, young

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