Katja Obieglo


Immune modulation by schistosomes: mechanisms of regulatory B cell induction and inhibition of allergic asthma

Sanne de Jong


Immunological differences between urban and rural populations

Maria Kaisar


Tracking Helminths: from molecular diagnostics to mechanisms behind immune polarization

Dicky Tahapary


Epidemiological transition in Indonesia: 
Impact of Helminths and Urbanization on the Development of Type 2 Diabetes.

Ulysse Ateba Ngoa


The effect of parasitic co-infections on immune responses in Gabon: Particular emphasis on malaria and helminths

Ghyslain Mombo-Ngoma


Parasitic Infections during Pregnancy in Gabon:
Birth outcomes and immunological changes

Astrid L. Voskamp


Clinical allergy: Basophils, T cells, and Therapeutic Design

Jennifer A. Downs


HIV and schistosomiasis: studies in Tanzania

Firdaus Hamid


Helminth infections, socio-economic status and allergies in Indonesia

Leonie Hussaarts


Immune modulation by schistosomes : mechanisms of T helper 2 polarization and implications for metabolic disorders 

Abena Serwaa Amoah


Helminth infections and allergies in Ghana

cover thesis lucja labudaLucja Labuda


Innate, adaptive and regulatory immune responses in human schistosomiasis in Gabon

Aprilianto E. Wiria


Helminth infections on Flores Island, Indonesia: Associations with communicable and non-communicable diseases

  cover thesis aprilianto e. wiria

Yenny Djuardi


Development of Immune responses in Early Life: A Longitudinal Study in Indonesia

  cover thesis Yenny Djuardi

Linda  Wammes


Immune regulation during parasitic infections: from bench to field

  cover thesis Linda Wammes


Bart Everts


Molecular interplay between dendritic cells and schistosomes: consequences for immune polarization

  omslag proefschrift bart everts


Elly van Riet


Helminth infections induce immunomodulation; consequences and mechanisms

  thesis elly van riet

Kim Retra


Schistosomal lysophosphatidylserine an immunomodulatory factor 

  thesis kim retra

Sitti Wahyuni


Helminth infections, allergic disorders and immune responses: studies in Indonesia 

  thesis sitti wahyuni

Desiree van der Kleij


Schistosomal lipids and the human immune system: a novel host-parasite interplay

  thesis desiree van der kleij


Anita van den Biggelaar


Th2-responses and immunomodulation in helminth infections and allergy 

  thesis anita van den biggelaar

Annemarie Terhell


Epidemiological facets of lymphatic filariasis as revealed by the use of anti-filarial IgG4

  thesis annemarie terhell


Melang Haarbrink


Lymphatic filariasis: Infection, treatment and inflammatory cytokines

  thesis melang haarbrink

Bauke de Boer


Regulation of IgG4 and IgE

  thesis bauke de boer


Jane L. Grogan


Immunomodulation in human schistosomiasis

  thesis jane grogan


Erliyani Sartono


T-cell activation in human lymphatic filariasis

  thesis erliyani sartono