Leiden Immunoparasitology 

dendritic cells

General information on the group
The aim of the research is to understand the molecular and cellular immunological basis of host parasite interaction with particular emphasis on chronic helminth infections and more recently malaria. Read more .....

Head of the group: 
Prof. dr. Maria Yazdanbakhsh

Principal investigators:
Dr. Bruno Guigas
Dr. Hermelijn H. Smits
Dr. Erliyani Sartono  
Dr. Bart Everts

Main research themes: 

Study of immune responses that involve helminth parasites and malaria

  • Understand modulation of immune responses by parasites and parasite-derived molecules

Through these themes we aim to:

medewerkers afd. parasitologie 

Our approach:

Population studies in Indonesia, Gabon and Ghana
Animal models (asthma and diabetes)
Cellular assays (Dendritic cells, Tregs and Bregs)

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