Parasite photo gallery

The parasite images included in these pages have been made by Eric Brienen of the Leiden Clinical Parasitology Group, LUMC and may be downloaded and used, but strictly for educational and research purposes only. Persons or organizations who wish to use these images for books, periodicals, or commercial applications must obtain permission.

The background information describing the content of each picture is given in Dutch. Please contact Lisette van Lieshout if further information is needed.

Most of these pictures on this page are made from clinical samples provided by the Dutch Foundation for Quality Assessment in Medical Laboratories (SKML). The pictures can be used to discuss each round of the SKML scheme within your diagnostic laboratory team.

More information about the KML parasitology scheme (Dutch only).
The SKML also provides materials for molecular detection of parasites in stool samples.

Until 2016 pictures of parasites (both SKML and non-SKML) were placed at the website of the Netherlands Society for Parasitology (NVP) (Dutch only), but have been removed there. Archived pictures can still be seen here

SKML pictures 2018-2