Why a PhD at LUMC?

Living in the Leiden-The Hague region

Leiden is a medium-sized city with a charming, historic city center situated near Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. It takes about 20 minutes by train from Schiphol to the LUMC. After Amsterdam, the city of Leiden has the largest number of city canals in the Netherlands. 

The city is surrounded by an area of beautiful lakes and ponds and is only a short distance from the coast. Walking around Leiden, the city's glorious history seems to come to life. The city offers a wide variety of parties and festivals. But it also has plenty of sports and music, dance and theatre entertainment to offer. 

The nearby situated The Hague is our government city, also known as 'The Royal City by the Sea'. Our King has his working palace there. Besides the palace and the governmental building there are lots of interesting places to visit.