Why a PhD at LUMC?

Active communities for PhD student and PhDs

LUMC Association for PhD candidates (LAP)

All LUMC PhD students are invited to join the LUMC Association for PhD candidates (LAP), formed by PhD students. It is a non-profit organization representing the interests of all LUMC PhD students locally, regionally and nationally.

They represent our PhD students in various committees, they organize a bi-annual PhD day and career event and they create networking possibilities. The International subcommittee of the LAP represents the interests of our international PhD students.

LUMC’s Young Faculty Network (YFN)

Our Young Faculty Network (YFN) aims to connect postdoctoral fellows, senior researchers and assistant and associate professors. It provides a platform to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences by organizing networking events and symposia on relevant topics. In doing so, YFN promotes research and career opportunities for (fundamental) scientists within the university medical centers.