International students

Electives (half minors)

Are you a (bio)medical student and do you want to gain in-depth knowledge on a (bio)medical topic? The LUMC offers electives (half minors) in English that are open for international students. Each elective course of ten weeks covers a specific theme and has strong links with cutting-edge research within the LUMC. Each elective is made up out of 20 students, meaning you will always work in small groups and have lots of interaction with the group and the teacher.

Ten week immersion in a (bio)medical topic

Over a ten-week period, you will be completely immersed in one of the topics and explore different aspects within this theme. Our expert teachers will challenge you to learn as much as possible and broaden your view on subject related to the course. There will be practical experiments, work groups, and you will learn how to set up a research project and apply the knowledge you have obtained. After ten weeks, your knowledge on the topic of the chosen elective will have dramatically increased. You will have a good basis for research projects later in your studies or career.

We have a large selection of electives, an overview and descriptions of all half minors are given in the e-prospectus. If you want to make it a full 30 ECTS semester, you can add an internship in one of the half minor disciplines. This way you can earn enough credits, and you can stay a whole semester till the Christmas holidays.

Erasmus programme

Students participating in the ERASMUS program spend a minimum of three months, and maximum one year at a partner university of your home institution. Courses taken at the partner institution can only be approved if these are part of your own university’s curriculum. The ERASMUS programme provides students with scholarships for the duration of their studies abroad. This helps cover emerging costs, such as transportation, accommodation, food, and insurance.

Practical information

  • Start: September
  • Duration: 10 weeks + additional 6 weeks
  • Credits: 15 EC + 15 EC
  • Registration: before april 1st

Student experiences

Three students of the University of Indonesia came to Leiden for the electives (half minors) and shared their stories. Find out what they learned

How to apply

You can apply for the half minors if you have successfully completed the first two years of a bachelor program in Medicine or Biomedical Sciences and meet the other admission requirements. International students have to register through the online registration system before April 1st. You will be asked to upload a motivation letter and several other documents. In the remark field, you can rank your order of preference (1. Your favourite half minor, 10. Your least favourite half minor). You can find all the half minors here. Dutch students from other universities can apply too.

We always aim at placing students for the half minor of their first choice. However, there is a limited number of places available for each half minor, so please have a flexible attitude and send in more choices.

When you want to add an internship, please contact the International Office for more information via