International students

Master’s degree programs

LUMC offers two master’s degree programs in English. Vitality and Ageing offers a unique holistic approach on ageing, and Biomedical Sciences prepares you for a career in biomedical research. Education is small scale and intensive and you will learn to work independently.

Master Vitality and Ageing

Older patients often suffer from many conditions simultaneously and receive care from different specialists. Each specialist has his or her own treatment plan, which can be counter-productive and lead to under- and overtreatment.  Without a holistic view of the patient, specialized medicine will not suffice to provide the best medical care for the elderly. A new approach is needed. This one-year master’s program provides that approach, by integrating biological, social and medical aspects of ageing. Read more…

Master Biomedical Sciences

How do certain risk factors influence cardiovascular disease? What immunological mechanisms are involved in the development of cancer? How can diagnosis of genetic defects be improved? These are just some of the important questions in biomedical sciences. The two-year master’s program Biomedical Sciences gives you a thorough understanding of human health and disease. Read more…