International students

Curricular courses

Several courses of the Bachelor’s programs Medicine and Biomedical Sciences are taught in English and we have places available for international students. An overview of the courses and links to the online study guide are given below. Are you interested in a certain course? Make sure you register before April 1st for the first (autumn) semester. Are you interested in the Biomedical Sciences courses of the second (spring) semester, then please apply before October 15th.

About our curricular courses

Several courses, part of the regular curriculum of the Bachelor’s programs Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, are open for international students, such as courses like Mechanisms of Disease. The course work groups consist of both international and regular Dutch students. These courses are an absolute must-follow if you are interested in a mixture of different learning types, like lectures, patient demonstrations, practical experiments and small work groups (max. 15 people). We also expect and encourage interaction between student and teacher, for instance through in-depth discussions. But also by students bringing in their own cases, and teachers showing many examples from real life.

To learn which courses, taught in English, you can enroll in as an international student, check out the website here.

How to apply

You can apply if you meet the requirements. International students have to register through the online registration system. Information can be found on the website.