Making, changing or cancelling an appointment

For your first visit to the outpatient clinic, you always need a referral from your (family) doctor. Have you been referred to the LUMC? If so, then you will receive a message from the LUMC regarding an appointment. Do you have an appointment and do you want to reschedule, or perhaps cancel it? You can do so over the phone, via the mijnLUMC patient portal or on-site at the outpatient clinic desk.

Please note: The outpatient clinic building Heelkunde, Orthopedie and Gipskamer is in the outpatient clinic building next to the parking garage. The address is Building 14, route 1000. 

Prepare for your appointment with the route to the LUMC, parking information and information regarding admission and how to find your way to the right department

Make an appointment yourself

Make an appointment by telephone by calling the outpatient clinic's reception desk. Already a patient with the LUMC? If so, then you can book appointments with a number of clinics via the mijnLUMC patient portal: via patient portal mijnLUMC.

You can also find the clinic's contact information and location here. Just let them know if you require more time for your appointment or examination. For example, if you are disabled. We will take this into consideration.

Confirming your appointment

After making the appointment, you will receive a confirmation letter via post or digitally via email. This letter will contain the date and time of your appointment. Are you able to come in within a few days of booking your appointment? In that case, we won't send a letter. For this reason, you must always make a note of the appointment in your own calendar. You can also examine your appointment information via the mijnLUMC patient portal.

Appointment reminder via SMS or email

Some departments will send you an appointment reminder via SMS 7 days before your appointment. To benefit from this service, you must provide your 06-number upon registration. Some of the other departments will send you a reminder via email. In this case, you will be asked for your email address.

Change, reschedule or cancel your appointment

Do you want to change or reschedule your appointment? Do this as soon as possible, 48 hours in advance at the latest, so that the LUMC can provide care to other patients in the meantime. You can easily change or cancel the appointment via the patient portal mijnLUMC. You can also contact the department directly by telephone, you will find the contact information in the outpatient clinic overview: you will find the contact information in the outpatient clinic overview.

Referral to the LUMC or referral back to a regional hospital

A university hospital such as the LUMC primarily offers care to patients with several and/or complex medical conditions. This is known as specialized referral. This often consists of care that can only be provided by the LUMC and for which we wish to keep space available. To receive regular care that requires more frequent visits, you will be referred to a regional hospital. The LUMC works together closely with other (regional) hospitals, and with family doctors. This way, you will always receive the right care for your condition. Do you require urgent or acute care? If so, then you will always receive it at the LUMC.

Second opinion aanvragen

Wilt u een second opinion (tweede mening) van een arts van het LUMC? Geef dit dan bij uw eigen arts aan. Uw arts stuurt uw verwijzing en medische gegevens dan naar het LUMC, zodat wij deze kunnen beoordelen. Als het nodig is, nodigen we u vervolgens ook uit voor een afspraak.