I have an appointment at an outpatient clinic

Have you come to the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) for an appointment or outpatient clinic visit? If so, then make sure you are well-prepared and take along the information you receive in advance from the LUMC. During your first appointment at the outpatient clinic, the doctor will ask you a number of questions about your complaints. The doctor may perform a short physical examination. Do you have several appointments? If so, then we’ll try to plan these for the same day.

At a outpatient clinic, you can come in for a consultation and treatment for your illness or disorder. This may include examination, diagnosis, treatment or screening. These tend to be short visits, without formal admission or overnight stays. The outpatient clinics are to be found in various locations in the main building of the LUMC.

Important information in advance

Peruse information

Have a good look at the letter you received at home before your visit. It contains information about how to prepare for your visit. Take a look at the information in the mijnLUMC patient portal. Write down your questions and complaints ahead of time, and take these along with you.

Admission and registration

For each visit to the LUMC, you have to report to the admissions booth in the main hall. To do this, you will need an identity document. Is this your first time at the LUMC? If so, then please register at the registration desk. Read more about .

Please note: The Poli-building Heelkunde, Orthopedie en Gipskamer is in the outer poli-building next to the parking garage. That is building 14 route 1000. 


In order to prevent contamination by persistent bacteria, we ask a number of questions when you visit the LUMC?

  • Are you (or have you been) contaminated with MRSA bacteria?
  • Have you been in contact with a housemate or partner who is contaminated with MRSA bacteria?
  • Have you been admitted or treated in a foreign healthcare institution during the last 2 months?
  • Do you, for professional, occupational or other reasons, come into contact with living veal calves, broilers or pigs?

Consultation findings

An appointment (consultation) can result in the following findings:

  • nothing is wrong;
  • you are advised to take medication;
  • outpatient clinic treatment is required (a minor operation or procedure);
  • treatment on an outpatient basis or a longer stay is recommended.


Following certain examinations or procedures, you will be less able to drive a vehicle. If this is the case, take somebody along to accompany you.

Acute problems

Should you experience acute problems following your visit, please contact the outpatient clinic.


The LUMC has many facilities, such as a restaurant, lockers and childcare. You will find wheelchairs by the main entrance and downstairs in the parking garage. Check out all facilities in the LUMC (NL)

Safe stay at the LUMC

Your safety is very important to us. Our staff works hard every day to ensure your safety, but they can’t do it alone.