Remco van Doorn appointed as university professor

14 February 2024
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“To better understand genetic changes in order to develop better treatments for patients at increased risk of melanoma.", this is what Remco van Doorn wants to dedicate his chair primarily to. He has been appointed professor of dermatology, in particular melanoma.

Van Doorn: “Our research group strives to translate insights from the lab into better approaches to diagnostics and treatment. Vice versa, I try to use clinical observations to gain more understanding about the biology of melanoma. In this 'translational' research, we use studies in which we establish links between genetic variations and diseases. We mainly focus on hereditary melanoma and melanoma precursors."

Chair commitment

Melanoma is an increasingly common malignancy. This involves new developments for diagnostics (such as application of artificial intelligence) and treatment (immunotherapy and targeted therapy). LUMC is a large melanoma centre in which dermatologists, surgeons, oncologists and other specialisms work together. There is a particular interest in hereditary melanoma at LUMC. This is due to a large population of patients with an inherited mutation in the CDKN2A gene in the region.

"I want to use my chair to improve the treatment of patients with melanoma. Especially diagnosed at an early stage and with familial occurrence. We are conducting research on genetic and immunological changes that can serve as targets for treatment. I also strive to form a link between research groups acquiring new knowledge and 'the clinic'. I try to transfer the knowledge to new healthcare professionals. I do this by teaching about dermatology and skin oncology to students of Medicine, students of Biomedical Sciences and doctors in training to become medical specialists."

Profile Remco van Doorn

After studying Medicine at UvA, training as a dermatologist at VUmc and PhD research on cutaneous T-cell lymphoma at Leiden University, Van Doorn conducted research on melanoma genetics at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. As an academic dermatologist at LUMC, he has been involved in basic, translational and clinical studies on melanoma. His research has received support from KWF, NWO, Melanoma Research Alliance, KiKa and the Leiden Center for Computational Oncology, among others. is also a member of the board of the European Society for Dermatological Research and president of the Dutch Society for Experimental Dermatology. His main interests are in the 'genomics' of melanoma, cellular senescence and clinical dermatology.

Save the date!

The oration of Remco van Doorn is scheduled for 15 November 2024.