Skull Base Research Group

Our research of skull base surgery follows a paradigm shift: from surgery centred to patient centred. Our studies focus on patient outcome measurement and optimizing treatment strategies for a wider range of skull base patients; pituitary tumour, meningioma, vestibular schwannoma and chordoma.

Dr van Furth is globally a key player in the field of endoscopic skull base surgery. He is course director of the yearly Skull Base Masterclass and Symposium in Leiden and is regularly asked as faculty for other endoscopic skull base courses. Currently, multiple international collaboration are established with centres in Europe and the USA to develop PROMs and assess outcomes of skull base pathologies and specifically outcomes of endoscopic surgery.

Our team

  • Dr. W.R. van Furth, neurosurgeon
  • Drs. M.J.T. Verstegen, neurosurgeon
  • Dr. R.W. Koot, neurosurgeon
  • Prof. dr. M.J.A. Malessy, neurosurgeon