Personalized Therapeutics

Drug treatment is the cornerstone of today’s medicine. In this respect, pharmacology is a key driver for the advancement of health care and thus essential for patient’s well-being. However, the outcome of drug treatment is highly variable. Indeed, everyday large numbers of patients receive medications that are, at an individual level, either ineffective or cause side effects. Therefore, to successfully treat individual patients a personalised therapeutics approach is needed.

One of our main goals is to optimize drug treatment by personalising the dose and drug selection based on a better understanding of the genetic variation that is causal for the inter-patient variability in drug response, i.e. pharmacogenomics. We also aim to develop models that include genetic and non-genetic markers that can be readily implemented in daily clinical practice.

Innovative medication strongly contributes to the advancement of health care. In recent years the pharmaceutical industry has sought international collaboration with academia to make the process of innovative drug development more efficient. Outstanding academic biomedical research has proven to form the basis for new drug targets and innovative treatments. Our research program on Drug Discovery & Development, also known as Academic Pharma, focuses on the design, synthesis and clinical development of personalized drugs. 

Real World Data provide information on the efficiency and safety of new drugs and how drugs are used after being released to the market. We study Real World Data to learn which patients are treated with new drugs, what dose is being used, what and how many (rare) adverse events occur and how efficient they are. Data on plasma concentrations, safety and efficacy, all in relation to patient parameters and experiences, contribute to optimize the use of new released drugs in individual patients.

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