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Advanced Data Management

The section Advanced Data Management (ADM) is a knowledge center in the area of research data management and data stewardship. ADM offers support on all aspects of data management in clinical research and contributes to new developments in this area. FAIR data, Good Research Practice (GRP) and safe processing of personal data are important principles in this process. Researchers and organizations, both within and outside the LUMC, increasingly make use of the expertise of ADM.

Support and advice

ADM offers researchers support and advice on topics related to data management and data stewardship, such as: Safe processing of personal data, designing and building research databases, writing a data management plan or paragraph, and ensuring data quality. ADM also offers advice on FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data. For example, by helping researchers to answer questions like: ‘How can I safely store data to ensure long term availability?’ and ‘How can I make my data findable for other researchers?’.

Castor EDC

Within the LUMC, the data management system Castor EDC is available for clinical research. It is possible to build customized Castor databases to collect and manage clinical research data in a safe and transparent way. Researchers can build their own database in Castor, with support from ADM where necessary. They can also choose to have their database built by ADM. More information on the use of data management systems is available on Albinusnet (link accessible to LUMC employees only).

Data management Toolbox

By means of the Data Management Toolbox, ADM further enables the implementation of data management within clinical research and helps the integration hereof in health care. Possibilities of this toolbox include pseudonymization, safe upload of files with sensitive data, and safe transfer of data from smartphone apps to a database. 


ADM also plays an important role in education by providing classes and courses on various aspects of data management and data stewardship. These classes/courses are intended for researchers, research nurses, data managers, and students within the LUMC. In addition, ADM provides hands-on workshops for the use of Castor.

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