LUMC Research Gallery of Fame

One of the main aims of the LUMC is to conduct top (bio)medical research. On this page you will find an overview of the grants, prizes and awards that have been awarded to LUMC researchers.

YEAR 2018

International prizes, grants, scholarships and recognitions

Horizon 2020

  • Prasanna Iyengar (Dept. of Cell and Chemical Biology) – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (EMBRACE)
  • Paula Ruibal (Dept. of Infectious Diseases) - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (MTBHLAE)
  • Jessica de Greef (Dept. of Human Genetics) - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (DUX4)
  • Luis Cruz Ricondo (Dept. of Radiology) - WIDESPREAD-Twinning (ACORN)
  • Alberto Pereira (Dept. of Internal Medicine / Endocrinology) – 3rd EU Health Programme, European Reference Networks (Endo-ERN)
  • Christine Mummery (Dept. of Anatomy and Embryology) - MSCA ITN European Training Network (EUROoC)
  • Huib Ovaa (Dept. of Cell and Chemical Biology) - MSCA ITN European Training Network (TRIM-NET)
  • Ton Rabelink (Dept. Internal Medicine / Nephrology) - MSCA ITN European Training Network (RenalToolBox)
  • Minneke Coenraad (Dept. Gastroenterology and Hepatology) - SC1 Health, Research and Innovation Action (MICROB-PREDICT)
  • Marco Roos (Dept. of Human Genetics) – Research Infrastructures, European Open Science Cloud, Research and Innovation Action (EOSC-Life)


  • Prof. Jacques J.M. van Dongen (Dept. Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion): Berend Houwen Award of the International Society of Laboratory Hematology
  • Thilo Buck (Dept. Opthalmology): MIT Poster Award 
  • Tom Huizinga and René Toes (Dept. Rheumatology): Carol Nachmann Award
  • Diana van Heemst and Raymond Noordam (Dept. Internal Medicine): VELUX Stiftung
  • Former LUMC professor Aad Tibben: Aad Tibben Award
  • PhD-student Nicolás Bastidas (Dept. Dermatology): Young Investigator Award at the EORTC CLTF 2018 congress
  • Professor Arwen Pieterse (Dept. Biomedical Data Sciences): Jozien Bensing Research Award 2018
  • Mariëtte Boon (Dept. Internal Medicine): EFSD Awards: Rising star award + EFSD/Lilly Young Investigator Award
  • Cock van de Velde (Dept. Surgery): Lifetime Achievement Award European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)
  • Arts-onderzoeker Robert van de Peppel (Dept. Infectious Diseases): International Investigator Award ID-week in San Francisco.
  • Prof.dr. Camiel Boon (Dept. Opthalmology): grant International Foundation for Ethical Research (IFER)
  • Dr. Jouke Dijkstra en prof. Boudewijn Lelieveldt (Dept. Radiology), dr. Alexander Vahrmeijer (Dept. Surgery), dr. in. Anne van der Eijk (Central Sterilisation Service): IMPACT-subsidie
  • Dr. Marije Slingerland (Dept. Medical Oncology) en dr. Luuk Hawinkels (Dept. Gastroenterology and Hepatology): Belgische Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen
  • Dr. Ramona Bruckner: European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) fellowship
  • Dr. Rob van der Geest (Dept. Radiology) and prof. Boudewijn Lelieveldt (Dept. Radiology): Eurostars-grant
  • Dr. Govert van Dam (Dept. Parasitology): EDCTP grant
  • Dr. Jessica de Greef (Dept. Human Genetics): FSH Society Research Fellowship Grant

National prizes, grants, scholarships and recognitions

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) 


Dutch Cancer Society

  • Prof. Sjaak Neefjes (Dept. Chemical Immunology): Consortium grant
  • Dr. Alexander Vahrmeijer (Dept. Surgery): Consortium grant
  • Román González Prieto (Dept. Cell and Chemical Biology): Young Investor Grant
  • Rutger-Jan Swijnenburg (Dept. Surgery): Young Investor Grant
  • Niels de Wind (Dept. Human Genetics): grant
  • Prof. Marcel Tijsterman (Dept. Human Genetics): grant
  • Prof. Hans Morreau (Dept. Pathology) and Tom van Wezel (Dept. Pathology) and Maartje Nielsen (Dept. Klinical Genetics): grant
  • Nienke de Glas (Dept. Internal Medicine): grant
  • Dr. Tjalling Bosse (Dept. Pathology), dr. Maaike Vreeswijk (Dept. Human Genetics), dr. Arwen Pieterse (Dept. Biomedical Data Sciences), dr. Ramon Arens (Dept. Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion) and dr. Baoxu Pang (Dept. Cell and Chemical Biology): grant


Awards offered by Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

  • Dr. Anna de Breij (Dept. Infectious Diseases): Best article prize 2018 
  • Dr. Ruben de Bruin (Dept. IM-Nephrology): Best thesis prize 2018
  • Dr. Bart Everts (Dept. Parasitology): LUMC Fellowship 2018
  • Dr. Sander Kooijman (Dept. IM–Endocrinology) : C.J. Kok Prize 2018
  • Dr. Onno Teng (Dept. IM–Nephrology): Marie Parijs Prize 2018
  • Dr. Roel Bijkerk (Dept. IM-Nephrology): Gisela Thier Fellowship 2018
  • Carin Lunenburg (Medical Oncology): Best Poster Prize Clinical
  • Elena Daoutsali (Human Genetics): Best Poster Prize Non Clinical