LUMC Research Gallery of Fame

One of the main aims of the LUMC is to conduct top (bio)medical research. On this page you will find an overview of the grants, prizes and awards that have been awarded to LUMC researchers.

YEAR 2019

International prizes, grants, scholarships and recognitions

Horizon 2020

  • Dr. Renee Ruhaak (Dept. Clinical Chemistry): Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship
  • Dr. Giulia Campostrini (Dept. Anatomy and Embryology): Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship
  • Dr. Meindert Lamers (Dept. Cell and Chemical Biology): Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking - RespiriTB and RespiriNTM 

European Research Council


National prizes, grants, scholarships and recognitions

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)


Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding)

  • Prof. Coen Rasch (Dept. of Radiotherapy): KWF grant
  • Dr. Jan-Willem Beenakker (Dept. Ophthalmology): KWF grant
  • Prof. Carien Creutzberg (Dept. Radiotherapy): KWF grant


  • Hine van Os (Dept. of Neurology) - Dekkerbeurs, Netherlands Heart Foundation 
  • Friso Rijnberg (Dept. of Surgery) - Dekkerbeurs, Netherlands Heart Foundation 
  • Prof. Jessica Kiefte-de Jong (Dept. of Public Health and Primary Care) - Dekkerbeurs, Netherlands Heart Foundation 
  • Dr. Yaël Nossent (Dept. of Surgery), Dr. Paul Quax (Dept. of Surgery) and Prof. Nyika Kruyt (Dept. of Neurology) - Research grant CINTICS project, Netherlands Heart Foundation 
  • Prof. dr. Henri Versteeg and dr. Jeroen Buijs (Dept. Internal Medicine) - grant, Maag Lever Darm Stichting
  • Prof. Onno Meijer (Dept. Internal Medicine) - NVE Novo Nordisk Award
  • Dr. Yvette Meuleman (Dept. Clinical Epidemiology) - Best PhD Thesis Award, Association for Researchers in Psychology and Health (ARPH)
  • Dr. Maaike Gademan (Dept. Orthopedics and Dept. Clinical Epidemiology) and prof. Rob Nelissen (Dept. Orthopedics): Van Rens Fonds, Opioid usage before and after arthroplasty: a nationwide study
  • Dr. Marjolijn van Buren, prof. dr. Willem Jan Bos and dr. Simon Mooijaart (all Dept. Internal Medicine): Leading the Change (LtC) programme, DIALysis or not: Outcomes in older kidney patients with GerIatriC Assessment (DIALOGICA)
  • Dr. Françoise Carlotti (Dept. Internal Medicine) - Diabetes Fonds / Stichting DON