Vascular and Regenerative Medicine


The research profile Vascular and Regenerative Medicine (V&RM) combines pure fundamental and translational research. It has much to offer to Medical and Biomedical Science students. V&RM organises Frontiers of Science courses, half minors and provides the possibility for internships to BSc and MSc students. The research profile has a track record in successful training of PhD students to become independent scientists.

Internships for BSc and MSc students         

Because of its multidisciplinary nature the V&MR research profile has a wide variety of internships to offer to both BSc and MSc students. For more details on the various opportunities please visit the individual research programmes.   

Half Minors

Heart and Blood Vessels: development, disease and state of the art therapies

Join this minor if you are interested in cardiovascular medicine. You will be introduced to current concepts in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular disease.

Regenerating haematopoiesis and immune dysfunction via cell therapies

This half minor is for you if you want to cure cancer and autoimmune disease via new cell therapies. You will be introduced in the general concepts of new stem cell therapies, translational trajectories from bench to bedside and back, risks, side effects and safeguards.

PhD students

 V&RM has a commitment to research excellence and hence is involved in the support and training of the next generation of researchers. The research profile provides an exceptional learning environment that allows PhD students to become independent researchers. 

For more information on PhD programmes consult the Graduate School Leiden University Medical Center.

LUMC Generic Biomedical PhD Courses
Joint UL-LUMC Transferable Skills PhD Courses
Other PhD Courses of potential relevance in our research profile (examples)