Good Research Practice & Integrity

Committee Scientific Integrity

Confidential Advisor and Committee Scientific Integrity (CSI)

The LUMC has installed a Confidential Advisor (Vertrouwenspersoon voor de Wetenschap) and a permanent Committee Scientific Integrity (Commissie Wetenschappelijke Integriteit). The Confidential Advisor is the first contact for questions or complaints about research, e.g. conflicts about authorship.

Suspected violation of academic integrity has to be reported, preferably to the Confidential Advisor, but can also be reported to the CSI directly.

When suspicion seems to be based on good grounds, the Confidential Advisor will advise to lodge a complaint with the Committee Scientific Integrity.

For the procedure Confidential Advisor and/or CSI see ‘Wetenschappelijke Integriteit, regeling met procedure’ (iProva, document only visible for LUMC parties involved). 

Confidential Advisor

Prof.dr F. Koning
Ms F.M.M. Meijer, PhD student
Mr C. van der Bent, Laboratory manager

Committee Scientific Integrity

Prof.dr F.R. Rosendaal, professor Clinical Epidemiology (chair)
Prof.dr P. ten Dijke, professor Molecular Cell Biology
Prof.dr R.A.C. Roos, professor Neurology
Prof.dr D.P. Engberts, professor Ethics and Law
Mrs mr A.E. Hoeksema, Legal council (advisor)

Administrative secretary: Mrs Y.T.R. Mees ten Oever, Directorate of Research