Graduate School

Supervision plan

Together with your thesis advisor you will draw up a training and supervision plan. It will define your supervisor(s), your mentor(s), a 2-3 person supervision committee, and the scientific and educational aspects of your PhD (including the mandatory courses). The supervision plan will also incorporate a schedule for regular, joint assessment of progress towards the doctoral degree. The first official evaluation will take place 10 months after your appointment.

Training and supervision plan

Tutor with PhD studentsYour training and supervision plan (version in Dutch / version in English) must be submitted in Converis to be seen by the dean. The progress of your PhD track and the courses that you followed will also be recorded in the Supervision part of Converis. It will enable you to build your PhD portfolio! 

Learn more about Leiden University PhD regulations (promotiereglement), Code of ConductKwaliteitsborgingsnorm promotietraject (only in Dutch), and Final achievement standards.