Graduate School


4 steps to graduation

Approval of your manuscript by primary thesis advisor

  • PhD student enters the names of the committee members and uploads the table of contents with title of the articles, authors, full reference and status per chapter in Converis.
  • PhD student checks the manuscript for plagiarism using the plagiarism detection software iThenticate.
  • Primary thesis advisor uploads Annex 3 in Converis.
  • Dean approves composition of the committee and the thesis contents.
  • The thesis manuscript may be sent to the committee members together with a letter and template.

Assessment by thesis committee

  • The secretary of the committee receives the assessments from the committee members and uploads them with annex 5 in Converis.

Annex 6 and date for the defense of your PhD thesis

  • The dean signs annex 6 (admission to the defense)
  • The graduate school office uploads annex 6 in Converis and sends a PDF by email to the candidate, thesis advisor and beadle
  • You may now call the beadle to set a date for the defense of your thesis

Approval of the non-scientific part of your thesis and the propositions (stellingen)

  • The non-scientific part of your thesis and your propositions need to be uploaded and approved in Converis before you can send it to the printer's.


PhD bonus

PhD students who are employed by LUMC are entitled to an advance payment of the PhD bonus (promotiebonus) within 6 months after approval of the manuscript by the thesis committee. This bonus can be used for example for the printing of the thesis. An application form is available on Albinusnet: weten-en-regelen/personele-zaken/salaris-toelagen-en-gratificatie/promotiebonus.

Distribution of printed thesis

  • 1 copy to each of the committee members, 2 copies to the Graduate School Office, 4 copies to the University Library, 10 copies to the Beadle

How to apply for an ISBN number?

For more information please contact:
Bureau ISBN, P.O. Box 360, 4100 AJ Culemborg, tel. 0345 - 475855. 

Copyright of your thesis and Open Access database Leiden

See: Open Access Leiden

Promotional activities

Any promotional activities concerning publication of your thesis will be handled by the Directorate Communication of LUMC. The LUMC news magazine Cicero will publish the abstract of your thesis. Should you wish to honour any other requests for information about your thesis, please contact Directorate Communication first.

Cum laude procedure

If the PhD student has demonstrated exceptional abilities in his/her PhD thesis, the promotor or one of the committee members may propose to award the predicate of 'cum laude'. Each member informs the secretary of the committee of his/her assessment of the proposal. The secretary asks the Dean to initiate the cum laude procedure.